Conceptualised by: Dhaanya Nisha Raj, Nur Dini Binte Rahim, Tiffanie Hon, Sabrina Sim and Cass Zheng Xiwen

Hello Great World!

Say Hello Great World! From roving theatre performances to an interactive, photo-worthy trail across the mall, this highlight weekend is sure to be filled with a range of interactive activities for everyone. Join us as Great World celebrates the 90th anniversary since the iconic Great World Amusement Park opened in 1931. Explore the yesteryears of Great World Amusement Park, its glory days as an entertainment hub as well as the lives of the communities who breathed life into the space. 

It’s a Great Great World After all

Come along for the ride with Great Great World, a 75 minute roving theatre performance around Great World. Be transported back in time and take a glimpse into the lives of a Lok Lok seller, a Cabaret performer at the Flamingo Nite Club, a kids theatre performer and a photographer. Celebrate their joys, experiences their heartbreaks and witness what brought them together, at the site of what used to be one of Singapore's most famous art and culture hubs.

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The Reel of Great World Cinemas

Hop onto The Great Reel of Cinemas, an interactive trail bringing you across the 4 legendary Great World cinemas - Globe, Sky, Atlantic and Canton. Discover the past histories and fond memories of each cinema at each spot. From 3D AR experiences, interactive activities and opportunities to show off your TikTok moves, the journey through this trail will definitely not disappoint you!

CONCEPTUALISED by: Britaney Tasha Chitty, Megan Hon, Nur Raidah, Su Fang Shiuan  and Victoria Wong 

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