About Heritage in Your Hands

Heritage in Your Hands is a virtual playbook that aims to enable anyone and everyone to play a part in Singapore’s longest-running heritage festival. 


This playbook has three simple steps:

  • DISCOVER what festival experience is best suited to your personal by taking a quick quiz

  • EXPLORE an idea bank of possible festival experiences and vote for your favourite

  • REFLECT on this participatory process by checking out the creative responses and perspectives of 4 undergraduates who were part of the ideation process _

This playbook is inspired by the learning process and final projects of students from SMU’s “Arts, Culture Industries and Everyday Life” module. Earlier this year, this cohort of students responded to a call to develop concept proposals for a possible programme for the Singapore Heritage Festival 2021. The students combined their personal understandings of heritage together with new-found knowledge about cultural trends and programming into rich resources for the making of new possible programmes that feature overlooked local narratives in meaningful yet engaging formats. 

Importantly, this is a key milestone in this participatory process of shaping the future of the Singapore Heritage Festival. Your interactions with our playbook will help determine which ideas from the student proposals will be translated into reality and shape Singapore Heritage Festival 2021.  


We invite you to join us - have a say, be inspired by the motivations and tastes of young adults today, and shape the future of the Singapore Heritage Festival. 




ACM214 Arts, Culture Industries and Everyday Life is a SMU-X module that is offered by Dr Hoe Su Fern as part of the SMU Arts and Culture Management Programme. This module introduces students to the significance of the arts and culture in the world of the everyday by exploring the rapidly-evolving forms, behaviour, practices and management of culture in Singapore. Through the analysis of a range of culture industries, this module provides a nuanced understanding of urban cultural economies, the meanings they offer to consumers and audiences, and the broader conceptual and practical implications of their management structures and functions.

In 2020, ACM214 was taught for the first time in 2020 from January to April, with a focus on how cultural programming has become a core function of the cultural industries in Singapore. With the Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF) being the SMU-X industry partner, the class of 43 students were tasked to produce concept proposals for a future SHF programme. Despite the rapidly evolving Covid-19 conditions, the students persisted to complete their proposals and pitched them to the SHF team. 3 out of the 9 proposals were shortlisted, and 1 was refined to enable greater relevance and clarity. 

About SMU Arts and Culture Management Programme

The Arts and Culture Management (ACM) Programme is based in the School of Social Sciences at Singapore Management University. It is a second major that provides an interdisciplinary blend of conceptual and skills-based learning to equip students with the foundational knowledge, critical awareness, managerial aptitude and strategic reflexivity for entry into the arts and creative industries.

The hallmark strength of the Programme’s curriculum is its focus and close linkages to the Singapore arts and cultural practice and policy communities, and the practices and challenges of arts and cultural management in contemporary Southeast Asian societies. The Programme is fortified by extracurricular programmes that offer students opportunities to work on real-life projects to develop professional skills to enhance their potential and employability as an arts/culture manager. Apart from this project, the Programme is also behind the current envisioning study of the Singapore Night Festival.



This Programme is presented as part of the Singapore Heritage Festival 2020: Digital Edition. From 19 June to 5 July 2020, the Singapore Heritage Festival will be bringing aspects of lesser-known places and stories in Singapore to the public through digital formats. 


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This programme is developed by Nigel Joseph Lopez, Victoria Wong Ya Ting and Dr Hoe Su Fern as part of the SMU Arts and Culture Management Programme. 


We would like to extend our special thanks to the following for being a part of the development process. Without you, this programme would not be possible:


  • David Chew, Qazim Karim and Gerilynn Yee from the National Heritage Board’s Festivals and Precinct Development Team for being the industry partners of ACM214, and guiding the class through the process of creating a festival programme

  • Tracy Joy Phillips and the Ppurpose team, Nina Ernst from the ArtScience Museum, Prashant Somosundram from the Projector and Becca D’Bus for sharing their valuable experiences and knowledge in the arts and creative industries

  • Alexis Goh for the designs and website development support

  • All students from the class of ACM214 for persisting and being part of the journey